YES!!! Repetition!!! Pitts

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YES!!! Repetition!!! Pitts are soooo super smart! and I have found with repetition and good behavior treats work well. i as well use a choker for walks. it works well. my dog thinks he can lunge at every cat he sees on walks but with the choker on all i do is give a tug when he trys to and i say “Heeeel” and the “Sit!” and when he does and he clams down he does sit and just wimpers for the cat while he sits still. he does jump up on me every once in a while in the house but all i do when he does this is say “EEEEEASY” and i lean back let him lick and hug ONCE and the say “Ok MAX….DOOOOWN” and then he does. so i reward him and say “good boy” in the house you have to keep him occupied, a lot of toys and try to walk him and run with him outside a lot to tire him out or her. 🙂