Yes I work full time. My


Yes I work full time. My husband is out most of the day do you could say they r left alone for long stretches of time. What we do in our house is I get them up let them run around or take a walk, provide breakfast prior to leaving. Once the first person gets home they take them out for a long walk, bing them in to eat dinner then we go outside and have playtime/training. My training is around 15 minutes. It is fun and informal, sit, stay, come, leave it, I incorportate this with his kong. If I am exhausted I will sit outside with a toy attached to a pole and wave it around for him to jump at. Or you can make a spring pole ( attach it to a tree and let him have it. Beastley really enjoys his almost indestructable ball or a similar toy (eGGe, I haven’t purchased this but I hear it is similar) n he plays soccer with it with his nose. Check out the NFL on http://www.pbrc too actually everything on that sight is informative and helpfull. So yes u can have a pibble and work a full-time job. My boys r crated when we are away (inside crate is water and toys to keep them entertained while we r away)