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raisins mom

Yes I have a couple panels and a beam, oh and a hole in the wall of my house to replace/repair. I been spraying some dog repellents on the walls and that slows him down. I go through a bottle every 2 days. It says it stays on for 4 days, haha they didn’t test it on a determined lil pibble. I had bought a botlle of chew stop, but funny story I set it on the couch in the bag and went out to dinner. It leaked on the couch. So as I am drying couch cushions, etc I start getting this horrid taste in my mouth. I had that taste for 3 days. Dumbo me wasn’t thinking to use gloves and wound up having it go into my skin. Im almost despeate enuff to go find a large stump and throw it in my backyard for him.