Yes, dogs should NEVER be


Yes, dogs should NEVER be left to roam free unattended!  I am sorry to say, but that is irresponsible.  Why have dogs if they are left outside to roam the property?  What is the point?  I am not trying to be mean, but just inquiring. 

Pit bulls are not meant to be outdoor dogs.  They don’t have the fur nor the skin to be left outside in different climates, as there is in Canada.  Do you not worry about your dog getting into something somewhere where no one can see?  Pit bulls, and all dogs for that matter, want to be with their people and not left up to their own devices to do nothing but roam.  These dogs tend to become feral and unsocialized and can harm and kill other animals and possibly harm people.  Free-roam dogs are what tend to make up media reports of dog bites.  Sure, you may have a large property, but if you are not there to watch them 24 hours of the day, you don’t know where they may wander off to.  You may end up with a dead dog from someone shooting it, hit by a car, dying from a disease, or who knows what else. 

Having a dog means spending quality time with it, training the dog, mentally enriching his life, and so much more.  It doesn’t mean just letting him outside to roam.  That doesn’t help the dog at all.  That just sets him up for injuries, diseases, and possibly death.  If that dog does something to another animal or human, that is just another black mark against the pit bull breed and its cousins…something we DON’T need. 

Please be a responsible pit bill owner.