Yes, all pits are perfect.


Yes, all pits are perfect. Even the ones that make the news…it isn’t their fault. It is their owners.

It is awesome what you do on the reservation. A pit bull group that I am has days throughout the warmer months where we go to low income areas and microchip and vaccinate all breeds of dogs and cats. These areas that we go into are known pit bull areas.

I didn’t think that you were being racist at all. There seem to be many socioeconomic classes, which has nothing to do with race, that take care of their animals is vastly different ways. Research shows that many of the lower income areas have higher incidences of dog fighting, lack of spayed/neutered dogs, lack of proper vet care, etc. etc. The list goes on, and by you and your group going to one area to help out, that is a group of dogs that may not otherwise get any type of medical care. That is why the group I am in I am so proud of.

Keep up the good work.