Yeah, that’s rough.  My dog

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Yeah, that’s rough.  My dog is very vocal and I feel kind of bad sometimes becuase he scares people by trying to get their attention.  All he wants is loves, but he’s kind of noisey.  When Kaos was a puppy he got very sick and we had to take him to the vet.  He wanted to be held on my lap the entire time and the vet laughed when I had to carry him into the examiation room.  Come to find out she is deaf and has a pitbull cross of her own.  She explained that she was going to give him an anit-nausea shot and that it stings a little.  Apparently, nobody informed my dog, because after she gave him the shot he took a FLYING leap off the chest high examination table, not onto the floor, but right on top of me!  The expression on his face as he was flying through the air was unmistakable as a “MMMMOOOOOOOMMMMMMYYYYY!!!!!” I caught him and he REFUSED to let me put him down the rest of the time.  The vet and the other employees thought it was very funny as I was trying to sign a check while holding him like a little kid, but I didn’t have much of a choice.  If I put him down he tried to climb up my legs till I picked him up again.  My husband was cracking up the whole time.  Kaos wasn’t too upset to turn down the 3 treats the secretaries snuck him over my shoulder though.