Yeah I was thinking about


Yeah I was thinking about volunteering at my humane society. I know that they have a pitbull and some other dogs. I figured that would be the best way to figure out if I would be a good pitty owner. I think I might do that. So thank you! 😀 And Taana that is a sad story! Why do people get a dog if they can’t keep them? 🙁 And that’s fine that you were rambling. I asked questions, and I am glad you answered them. I like to get different peoples opinions. Esp on pitbulls. And besides all that info was just what I was looking for. 😀 I like this website I get a lot of good ideas and info. And I will definately let everyone know if and when I get a pitbull. I checked out the website and pics, and awww your dog Beastly…I hope I spelled that right…and that website is awesome.

I do have another question though…well kind of…If I get a pit bull is that my only concern is that I would be working full time (once Im done with college), and my boyfriend too. Does anyone else deal with a full time job and their pit bulls (and thats with no one home)? If so what do you do? Or would that even be wise to get a pit bull with their high energy, and me having a full time job? I really hope that made sense. But if I could get ideas of what you guys do that’d be great.