Yeah, I had a hard time

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Yeah, I had a hard time finding places for Kaos to run.  We go to the dog park, but can’t let him off leash becuase he is not fixed.  I finally started going to tennis courts and baseball fields.  Most of these are fenced in, larger areas, and are only used at certain times.  We like the baseball fields better than tennis courts because they have grass, but either works.  Early afternoon is a good time for the baseball fields, if you have any in your community, becuase practices and games are usually in the evenings.  It’s great to just let them go!  Plus, it can be fantastic recall training practice, without the worry that they’ll run off!  Also, unlike the dog park, you can plan outtings with dogs you know play well together and people you get along well with!  Just make sure you take poo bags with you, nobody likes to slide into second base through a big pile of dog poop!