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“1 layer of fleece, 2 layers of industrial grade luggage material, and 1 layer of plastic coating at the center. All 4 layers are bonded and sewn together…assembled with 7 seams…4 seams hold the product together, then another layer of material is added to cover the assembly stitching, then 3 more seams are added.”

My last dog would shred everything. He was a pit/lab shelter dog. He would shred rope toys all over the house, chew little pieces off kongs (and eat them), and work on a toy until he chewed a small hole in it to pull all the stuffing out. I got him a “tuffy” from mydogtoy.com and the thing lasted forever. It took him 4 weeks working at the smae spot to get through the material to the stuffing, and even then the stuffing is sewn in so he couldn’t get it pulled out!

My current pit turns her nose up at kongs and rawhide gives her diarrhea. She’ll chew on plain bones if she’s bored but sometimes she cracks pieces off so I only give them to her with supervision, usually with frozen peanut butter inside to keep her interested in licking not chewing. Rope toys she shreds, tennis balls she peels open, and nylabones only interest her some of the time. Now she loves her Tuffy shark. She’s had it 2 weeks, and she chews and chews on the stitching and it hasn’t shredded yet. 16x9x5, machine washable, and it floats! It has a tough scale of 7 (which is “really tuff” compared to 10 “tuffest/mega tuff”) and was only $18.50. For a large toy that us tough and that she ACTUALLY plays with that’s not bad. I’ve spent a lot on “tough” toys in the past that she won’t even look at.

She also enjoys tires. You can get bone shaped tire chunks from some pet stores. If your dog is like mine and shreds but doesn’t ingest it’s a great buy. Less than a dollar and takes days to shred up. It’s real tire but with thread stitching instead of wire so it’s safe for their mouths.

Also she loves horse hooves. They don’t shatter but they do start to smell funny about day 3 or 4 when she gets to the center of them. And Cow ears are a great alternative to rawhide. Cow ears don’t “melt” when they get drooled on and they’re fibrous so they take longer to chew up. They’re the only chew treat my do doesn’t get the runs from.