Wow!My neighbor across the


Wow!My neighbor across the street has a german shepard that is 2, and full grown, and she has recently started running full speed across into my yard at lillie, and I’ve told him that he is lucky lillie is the way she is, or his dog would be in trouble, because lillie hides behind my legs, instead of attacking his dog. I also have a few other neighbors whose dogs harass lillie, one is a min pin, his mother ran itno the street screaming at the top of her lungs “Leonardo, get away from that dog, it will eat you!”, as her dog is trying to bite mine, and mine is sitting looking at me to get this rat away from her, so I shooed it back.The time before that,I was walking her, and a lady with a bichon and a yorkie ran up to us and they were barking and what-not at lillie, and I told lillie to sit(this is what I taught her as a puppy),and she did, as always, and that lady walks out into the street telling her dogs to get back into her yard, and lillie was still sitting,and they lady saya to me,”what a well behaved dog!I wish mine were like that!”,so, teaching lillie to sit when something like that happens was something I was glad I taught her.Because where I live, even though there is a leash law,no one follows it(except me), and I do because she is a pit, and I don’t want any issues,even though she is such a baby..