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Wow with all the hating of pits in dog parks. My pit was raised in the dog park in SoCal. On any given day there would be 30+ dogs there. Sure there were owners who let their dogs off leash and then didn’t pay attention; that’s why I paid attention. If Sasha got too rough she’d get a time out. Because she has a high pain tolerance she puts up with a lot more play abuse than most others dogs would. But if another dog growls at her she submits and mouth licks. I know that she is a pit, and that it is my responsibility to protect others from her and her from others. She knows I’m the pack leader, and she listens. If there were any doubts in my mind I wouldn’t take her, but she’s been attacked by other dogs before and immediately submitted. She didn’t even try to defend herself. I know my pit inside and out and am a vigilant and responsible owner. I’m very sorry for you, BigRedTJ and bullypaws, that you don’t share the bond with your dogs that I have with mine. I also don’t have a huge, muscled “impressive” pitbull. I have a petite boxer-build 53lb dog. Other owners are not intimidated by her and she doesn’t feel the need to “muscle” her way around.