Wow Stacey that is a sad


Wow Stacey that is a sad situation I bet. I understand where you were coming from with you loving your pup but loving your kids more. That is awsome you stuck it out though and got a handle on the dog. I am not one to beat on my dogs either but sometimes its the only thing left. My moms pit is 10months old and no just doesn’t work with her. I actually have done the same with a rolled magazine and sometimes that doesn’t work so this is going to sound horrible but I kicked her and not like drop kicked her across the yard or anything just enough to get her attention. I haven’t had one problem with her since and she listens to everything I tell her. I felt absolutly horrible for doing it but seeing how it worked and I mean NOTHING else did it was little bit better. Most people in your situation would have gave up on the dog or even put it down.