with my pup, 6mo.. i


with my pup, 6mo.. i establish dominance in every single situation. He doesn’t walk through a door without sitting first & only after me. When I give him his food I pretend to eat a bite before I give it to him (when I first did this he watched me like he couldn’t believe my nerve! now he doesn’t care) & then I set the bowl down only when he sits and still he is not allowed to go for it till I say “ok”. If he moves toward it I take it away. Once he’s eating I pet him gently and reach my fingers into his bowl and grab food to make him used to allowing my hands around there. It takes patience and more time, but they learn fast. I work on the command “nice” which basically means gentle by not allowing him to eagerly snap treats out of my hand but gently take it. I do this by holding the treat in front of him in a sit, in a way that I can close it into my fist immediately if he tries to go for it. I say “wait”.. then “nice” then move it towards him slowly but as soon as he moves his mouth forward I close it and say “no, wait.. nice” and keep doing this till he learns to be gentle. When he is playing too rough and playful nipping or biting I tap his nose or close his jaws with my hands, look him sternly and say “no bite”. the instant he calms I say “nice” and pet him gently.. he is slowly getting it. Hope this helps.. I recommend get “Training Secrets for Bully Breeds”. It has very practical tips. I’d like more tips as well from anyone who is more experienced.