When you place a pit pup


When you place a pit pup first thing before you even let someone l;ook nat the npups is to nget a vet reference. most vets will be more than willing to tell you if they took care of their previous pets. second call all your local shelters. they have a list of people they wont adopt to. Then if you still arent sure about the person tell them you have some pups on hold but if they want to look you can call them if the person doesnt want it. this way you have an out if you dont want to give them a dog. Never just tell the person you wont give them a dog, theyll just have someone else call and get it for them. If they have another pit have them bring the dog with them when they come. the way their dog looks and behaves will tell you a lot about the owner. wishing you lots of luck. there are a lot of good people who love pits.