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When working with young puppies you have to be quick. They have short attenion spans. Waiting patiently will come with time. Yes he should sit long enough to get a treat but I was taught that you only treat them when first training. Once they got the command down then stop using treats and just praise. That might work better for you too. Also be very very firm in your voice when giving commands. NEVER keep repeating commands. If you say it once and they don’t do it start over. Don’t keep saying sit sit sit sit until they do. That is not the idea behind manners. They need to know what to do the first time. Pits are typically hyper, high energy, and stubborn thanks to the terrier in them. When Kira was in puppy kindergarden she was a star and did amazing. Then when we got to obedience and CGC she was going through her adolecents and thought she could decided when and what she wanted to do. It can be frustrating but when you start to get mad at them stop and take a deep breath then start over. Also make them tired before you train with them. Throw toys and stuff to let them burn off energy. Training a tired pit is much much easier. Good Luck