When we got Bruce, he was

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When we got Bruce, he was eating Pedigree. He was so gasy and just about stunk us out of the car the very first day. His coat was dull and he had dry areas. KoKo has the same coat problem. Dry areas that are itchy. Sooo…we got both on Iams. Then we talked to the office girl at the vet and SHE said that because of the fillers in the food we have been giving them that they are probably having an allergic reaction to some of the stuff in the food. She fosters pits and says she uses Blue Buffalo. I did some research and we have introduced Acan Grassland blend to their diet. I like the fact that its grain free. The base ingredient is Lamb. Orijins Regional Red is the other one we are going to rotate it with. That is also grain free. THey both LOVE the Acana. I cant wait to see what their coats are going to look like.