When we first brought Flo

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When we first brought Flo home, she had bald spots and was so itchy – so I started flipping out and googleing like crazy.  I found info regarding mange which talked about bathing a dog in motor oil – that sounds super dangerous on so many levels so I kept searching – turns out, cooking oil does the same thing – it suffocates the mites.  I still am not sure that is what she had, but I lathered the spots with regular cooking oil maybe 4 times and *poof* they were gone!

She has a few dry spots now on her rear end – mostly I think because her spay was far from the simplest I have ever seen(that’s a post to whole other issue) – so she wasn’t able to get a pampering oatmal bath for over a month -anyway, I think I will try the fish oil & olive oil in her food and see if that helps.

Thanks! & best of luck w/ the pups!