When she bites (any part of

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When she bites (any part of your body) make a loud sharp noise/clap hands. Stop play immediately! put her in her crate or room for a few minutes. She will learn that biting is not acceptable. But everyone in your house must be on the same page and do it the same way. Do not let those cute puppy eyes and face get the better of you. She must learn this is not acceptable. I personally do not allow tug games with our pit but you will find others that don’t have a problem with it. Mine is too big. Even when we are playing with his toys and he accidentally bites me. I make a loud sound and play stops. If she is teething (which is not an excuse for biting). I provide a sock filled with older clean socks and knotted at the opening. I soak in water n frozen. It’s like a big teething ring. This will help her if she is teething.