When my dog was a puppy we


When my dog was a puppy we would take him to the dog beach.  He was really good and because he would go to work everyday with my husband they are attached at the hip.  Well all hydro did was wanted to play with the other dogs while they played fetch.  So many people would leave because they thought he would attack their dogs.  After that we never went back and just decided to walk him along the regular beach early in the morning.  Well one of my neighbors would walk his dog (a black lab) along the beach and luckily he didn’t care that hydro was a pit.  They had a ball every morning playing in the water and just having fun.  I wish people would get over the stereotypes and see these dogs for what they really are; sweet, loving, obedient, and the best kissers!!  We have recently moved to the midwest to be closer to my family, but we have a german shepherd now too and they are the best of friends.