When a stray Pittie came


When a stray Pittie came around our area, everybody was scared. “Spike” finally came around us memorial day weekend at the cookout. Very nice, sweet good with other dogs and cats.

We would put him in the garage but leave to door open because we didn’t know if he belonged to someone in the neiborhood. Not long after that we found a notice from the dog catcher on our door that someone turned us in.”keep ur f… Nose out of my beeswax” I thought. We think its the same person that have a terrier mix which has bitten my daught twice, we call the dog demon dog. That is the most anoying dog I have ever met. We can’t go in our yard without that stupit dog barking the whole time and the turn me in? what a crock of shit. when Spike first came around he played with that dog, did not hurt anybody. I hate people, my animal are everything to me because they will alway be happy and loyal.If I could move to a tall mountain I would, I would be happy with my animals and my family. Just because he is a Pittie he is dangerous? They have not met my young female lab, now she is bad when something is not right and she sees something, she is the first to bark and have her hair stand up. Spike never barks unless the other dogs start. First I thought he couldnt bark. People are ignoran and stupit