what worked well for us is we


what worked well for us is we have a dog bed centrally located so when we eat in the living room he goes to his dog bed and waits till we are finished and when we eat in the dinning room he is still near by it took us about 2-3 weeks of getting up and returning him to his bed untill he had it down sometimes he will even head to his bed when he sees the food getting plated.


As for the whinning when left in the kitchen have you tried a crate/kennel we trained ours starting when we gto him at 4-6 months he took to it right away and if it is a room issue (you dont have the space for a crate) we have a folding crate that we use when we trave and it folds down to about 2 feet  by 2 inches so when not in use it takes up almost no space.I know somepeople feel that it is cruel to crate you dog but mine loves it and now will often head for his crate all by himself.  there are also some great crates that act as a piece of furniture they can be a little pricey but i built one for about 50 bucks so if you are handy or a woodworker it is easy