since when did i say that my dog is all day outside. my dog is out from 1 to 4 so please ask before speaking. he is not a outdoor dog. he is a indoor dog and he is a very well behave dog. He was trained by the police and has a very good education.

The only thing i said, was that when i go to work my dog stay with my family neighbor who lives in the same house, but under us, and she already has one dog. So when she is here she let the dog play in our big garden, and the dog can run all time long. But she is here to stay with them and whenever she doesnt see them she calls them back and they come as soon as she does. And when im back i stay with my dog.

Seriously man, give advice is one thing but judging people is an other thing. And before judging you better ask questions.
Btw my dog is probably one of the nicest dog i ever saw. so please watch youyr language!

That is totally wrong what you just said!!!!

And btw for your information my property is closed and i live in dominica, which is totally different from usa. Nobody can enter my property. Again be smart and ask questions.

The only thing that i said was that in canada i did not work so my dog was 24hours with me, but now that i do, he is with my family neighbor for few ours a day, so we dont do as much as we used too. Before i used to work with my trainer everyday for my dog. Now i can only spend all morning and at 4 i come back at home. And i dont think that your dog is with you 24h neither.

But thank you for your nice comment.