We’ve used different


We’ve used different Kongs–the black one, were given a pink one free (not by choice, but not sure that our male dog cares much, lol)…and recently bought the Kong Wobbler–can put food and small treats inside, and the dog has to paw at the toy to get the food to spill out. O’Shea gets all the little bits of food/treat out in less than 5 min, it seems…but he enjoys leaving a few bits in it, and will get to it when he’s ready. He also likes the Kongs when we layer peanut butter and special, meaty type treats (Nat. Balance tubes–cut up), then freeze it. We also had this squirrel toy that has squeakers on both ends, but no stuffing–O’Shea ripped one of the squirrels ears off to get the squeaker, we threw the squeaker away, but he loves the squirrel; it’s like his best friend. 😛