Well,it won’t take long to


Well,it won’t take long to get a ton of funnies, especially with a lab for a play mate! Hope that your new friend keeps getting better and better. Where I live in Fl., there alot of pitbulls. I got Lillie as a puppy-3 mos.- after someone dumped her. She’s 2 now, and, I know that her life is the best a dog could wish for! All the toys she can play with, and no other dogs to share them with…, 3 cats to scare, a boy and a girl to love on, plus a mom and dad. Mom is a groomer, so she also grew up in a grooming shop. When I started researching this breed, I found out so much about them, and I try to make sure that she has everything she could ever need, it sounds like you feel the same way about your friends, and it hopefully won’t take the new friend long to develop a healthy, loving bond with you, your entire family, and all the other critters that you love. One great thing about pits is that they are very loving and loyal, and they tend to bond very closely, and quickly with their owners. So even though he was abused, he will probably have no problem adjusting to his new life. Good luck, and thank god you found Spike, not someone else who wants him for a “status symbol”. There are a few other awesome websites you might want to check out…One is http://www.pitbullsontheweb.com -pet pitbull tab is good, also cute poems, etc. under “inspirations”, also http://www.pbrc.net is a good one. Lots of info, and whatnot…good stuff for training, toys, that kind of stuff.