Well this will bring a smile


Well this will bring a smile to a lot of us on this site.

My pitbull ‘s name is Faith. My son named her due to the person that introduce Faith and us was a different religion and we were devote Christians.

Sad to say, my friends did not like that I had this type of dog.  I honestly was not liking her either.  As I work in the local school system, I have seen our youth being misunderstood.  That is what I have learned from this breed.

Since I decided to keep her, I instantly placed her in classes.  The trainer was very impressed on how she was sooo sweet.  She moved from puppy, intermediate, now to advance.  She has her AKC CGC, and is a service dog for me.  She is my medical alert dog, since I suffer from a lot of things. 

She goes with me to the grocery stores, and 90% of the time she is so my best friend. She has changed my family and friends mind of the breed.  She is now a working dog to change the public view.  One store employee told me to write the local press to show that the breed is a good breed.  I recently read that our Famous Helen Kellar had this type of breed as a family dog.  Look at the lil’ Rascals kids was around Petey the Pitbull.  Even so Roosevelt has his presidental dog was a WHAT???? At the White House, a Pitbull.  So the Pitbull owners if our famous society had them, give the history of our breed.  I guess FAITH is going to give us hope.  My 13 yr old son has also learned how to be a great parent to her with the responsiblity of the care of her. 

Faith has brought a lot of joy to my family.  Thanks to all love this breed!