well then why did you adopt

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go ask alice

well then why did you adopt one?
i have NEVER heard of a well trained pit randomly attacking its owner?
this breed of dog (more then others) gets very attached to its owner, it would die for you before it would attack you.

I think you should do your research because what your thinking isnt correct at all.
when i was a baby our pit was my brother, i could sit on him, pull on his ears ANYTHING and he put up with it the whole time and protected me with his life, i even have his bio on my profile.

those are professional dog trainers and behaviorist who also say this breed may have been bred to fight, but it doesnt have to be a fighter.
the only way a dog like this would turn on you is if it was beaten or poorly treated which in my mind, then you deserve it.

i hope you change your mind about this loving and gentle breed of dog.