Well she is already


Well she is already fantastic! If I take her on an extended walk she rests for a minute and then she wants to run like crazy and play with her plush toy. She uses her bed now, she suddenly started jumping  in the bed with me last week. I couldn’t figure it out until one night she tried to sneak in the bed about 2am. As much as a pit can sneak! LOL she curled up on my arm and shoulder and put her head on my throat, ( a little hard to sleep like that), and she was shivering. At first I was just barely awake and thought ugh I don’t want to get out of bed who cares if she is in bed with me. Then I thought no I can’t set a pattern. I realized she was cold so I moved her bed so that it was between the wall and my bed where the floor fan couldn’t blow on her. Its also in a spot where she can see me easier and I think she likes that as well. I told her to get down and she went right to the bed. I got a cover and put it on her. Now when it is time to go to bed at night or take a nap she goes right to her bed I don’t have to tell her to do it. She still licks though LOL