Well rollrrgrl I have raised

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Well rollrrgrl I have raised these dogs all my life never said they are BAD dogs but genetics plays a role and some dogs can’t be cured of dog aggression just the way it is. Now if you mean me by SOMBODY you are sadly mistaken I have seen the victims of dog fighting while working at a vet and some not all can be rehabilitated. Dog aggression is not the only reason I don’t agree with dog parks. Viruses worms parasites all can be transmited at dog parks. Not every dog does well in dogpark settings you have a lot of people breeding unsound dogs together and that is why we have such bad media on the breed. Check out Diane Jessups site on pitbulls then tell me I don’t know what I am talking about as far as APBT are concerned I have owned these dogs long before most of the general public they are not for everyone so do YOUR research.