Well it’s not really a

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Well it’s not really a reality show, this implies he is being filmed lived.  Its more like a behind the music docu-drama about the hardships Vick faced growing up, his time behind bars, and his rise back to stardom.  There is also supposed to be bits about him and the dogfighting.  Most likely an excuse for his inexcusable actions.  The bad part is so many people are going to watch it and feel sorry for Michael Vick, with no real insight into the amazingly cruel acts he committed. 

I think if Vick truly wanted to make a changed he should start donating massive amounts of cash to dogfighting rescue efforts.  Then maybe I would take him seriously. 

Also like posted in a previous post if you guys haven’t read The Lost Dogs, do so.  It’s amazing, but it really sad sometimes so be prepared.