Well in my obedience class


Well in my obedience class when Kira was a puppy there were dogs that pulled like crazy and they used them on them and suprisingly it worked after the dog got over the thing being wraped around its muzzle. I personally use a metal choke. I have trained mine with them and they work just fine. I don’t like prong collars the just seem to much. I think my mom’s pit would benefit from a prong though because her pain tolerance is extreme. You can’t tell others what to use though because everyone’s beliefs are different. In reference to the fixation problem you are having…I use a spray bottle and if they are outside the hose. I trained them that way with the spray bottle. I don’t even have to spray it anymore and it doesnt matter what bottle I grab. I was spraying Febreeze on my bed the other day and they came in the room and as soon as they seen it they took off down the hallway lol. They can be in the biggest trance and fixated on something but the minute I grab the spray bottle they snap out of it. I know that sounds completely crazy but if your dog is not a water dog then try it. It is positive reinforcement so you don’t have to smack on them. I only had to use the hose once when my neighbors crazy mixed little terrier was running my fence and attacking them…that drives them to the breaking point. The only way to snap them out is to grab them if I can catch them or grab the hose. I don’t even spray them I just spray it on the ground and bam they stop and look at me like whow mom sorry…lol.