Well I have a rescue and non


Well I have a rescue and non rescue pits. Kira is not a rescue but she’s not a top bred dog either. I have had UTI problems when she was a puppy and a poor immune system leading to herititary mange a little onintment and she’s all better. Kira also has food allergies which I have found to be rather common. Ace is a rescue I adopted him this past January. When I got him he was very thin and they were feeding him puppy science diet with fish oil. His gas was horrible he could litterally clear a room hell even the house. So per adoption he had to go to the vet and I was telling her. She said he most likely has mild to moderate IBS. Ugh. So I put him on Iams proactive lamb and rice. He immediately gained weight and the gas is gone. He is happy and other than that and some mild skin allergies with grass. Adopting is a great thing but be prepared to have potential health problems. Skin allergies are no big deal and are not terribly expensive to care for. Also keep in mind they don’t fully mature until around 2yrs. Just do your research well on the breed and remember some people will swear they are advocates of the breed but speak about nothing but how they were born fighters and how they turn instantly and it the breed not the owner that controls the behavior. Fyi they are wrong so read up on them talk to others that own them and most importantly know if your city has bans or ordinances for the breed. You are more than welcome to email me for more info I would be glad to help.