Well I can feel you on the

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Well I can feel you on the destorying everything lol. Everyone has differnt opinions on leaving them crated for amounts of time. My two are crated for about 7 hours aday Monday to Friday. I am able to go home for my lunch hour and let them out. I really don’t recommend leaving them loose in the house simply because they are destructive and with seperation anxiety it’s even worse. I personally also have a cat that if they got mad enough or irritated by her they could hurt her even if they were playing and got to rough. Kira my female would some times pee in her bed when I crated her and left but now that I don’t let her have any bedding in her crate she stopped. I feel very gulity leaving them in their crates all day but I have no other choice right now because even daycare in my area for a couple of days a week is too much for me to afford. I also hate that they have nothing comfy to lay on but they should have thought about that before they destroyed it because they were mad. Yours will adapt eventually and if it doesn’t get better talk to your vet about it and there are anxiety medications they can give for your dog. It takes some time before they start to work and they are not sedation meds don’t think that they wont make your dog a zombie they just relax them so they don’t get nervous and stuff for thunderstorms and seperation.