Well I came on here to ask


Well I came on here to ask for some help as well but I’ll see if I can try to help you a little. Tux is about two and I was having the same problem with him. It turns out with the ears, he had a yeast infection, which is common. I got drops from the vet so, I’m not sure what to do there. As for the constant licking. I havent figured that out yet. I changed his diet when he started scratching an started to use a brand without corn, soy, or wheat. I am currently using 4health but I’m probably going to switch to Racheal Ray’s Just6. As for the bathing. Don’t use human shampoo. It stripes natural oils from a dogs hair and can cause irritation. Their hair is different then ours. And since the weather has changed Tux has all types of allergy issues and everyday is something new I have to figure out, so. Good Luck