Well I am sorry if I sound a

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Well I am sorry if I sound a bit harsh, but it is true! We got him for stupid people! You see, when we got him we were told, first of all, That he was a French Bull dog X Black Lab. Which is not true, we had him checked out by a few vet cause, to us he had way more traits of a Pit bull then he does of a Bull dog. Next, we were told he was neutered and his shots were up to date, which again was NOT true. So we got him neutered and his shots done. His tail was crooked and I sent her an email the next day, asking her if something had ever happened to his tail. She flat out told me No, it has always been like that. As I said in the previous message. We had him checked over and his tail ex-rayed and found that it was indeed broken! We were also told that he was well trained, and great with children, again NOT true. He did not sit, stay, lay down, he would pull on the leash when taking him for a walk, and when ever we opened the door he would barge ahead of us.
After getting him, we have all fallen for him. He has changed a huge amount from when we first got him… He now listens to us when we tell him to sit, lay down, most of the time he will stay when we tell him to, but it is still a working progress, I am working with him on walking correctly beside me, for the most part he does well. However, I have noticed that he likes to chase cars, so when a car passes us he will try and pull the leash to chase it. He now also, knows he has to sit and I have to invite him into the house. He is doing really well with that one! My two year old daughter is now able, (most of the time) able to approach him, without him growling. And he will even come and cuddle up to her on the couch every once in while. I have found now, that the times he does growl, is when a one of my daughters will come running towards him or the move in a quick motion near him. Any kids that he does not know that come into our house he will growl at. We know put him outside before anyone he doesn`t know get here and we let him see them through the window first and once he settles down we bring him in with a leash and make him lay down. Is this the correct way of dealing with this? He loves to be with us and we love him. Do you think he can change, or am I just taking to big of a risk?