Well Chris since it seems


Well Chris since it seems that everyone on HERE wants to bash you for taking your dog to a dog park which you asked not to do I will say that I myself take my two pits to the dog park and I live in OHIO!! Yeah Ohio! I know my dogs in and out and if other dogs are in the park they have to be mussled BY LAW!! Most of the time we go there we are the only one’s there. They have a blast running and just playing together. This dog park is at the dog wardens in our county. The manager there met my two pits and they loved him. He told me as long as no one else was in there that hey could be unmussled but if I seen someone coming with their dog to be safe they needed to be musseld. I know the things that can happen and all the hoopla about how vicious and mean and lalalala it goes. But these dogs need exercise and if no one else is there then who give a damn. If you treat your dog like others who are idots see them then what good are you doing other than proving them right. You hide your dog from the real world because idoits have made them so MEAN! Yes they can turn on other dogs and I’m not saying it won’t happen. It is smart to want to avoid those situations but how good is it to harbor them from a life like normal dogs? If you have your pit a park then you need to keep constant vigulance over them. You are ther for them not for you to socailize. Just like kids. You don’t or at least shouldn’t just let your kids loose in a park and go talk with other moms and ignore you child like he or she isn’t there. Same rule applies! If you don’t like what I said then sorry I’m a responsible own and they are my children. Don’t do anything that might get them harmed in any way!!!