Welcome and congrats on the


Welcome and congrats on the soon-to-be new member of your family!  I agree, it’s fantastic to be able to be away from all the negativity.  I find it sad that, in the battle to save our bullies, there aren’t more people truly talking about stuff like this.  We seem to be constantly on the deffensive, trying to battle media hype.  I find myself defending my boy more often than I am able to share the best parts of him with people.  Rather than tell a funny story, I have to explain that he’s not a nasty dog.  Rather than make somebody laugh, I have to convince them I’m not crazy for owning a pit with kids.  I wish there was a better way to share the hillarity that we all live with.  Maybe if this type of stuff was being broadcast, rather than all the other crap, it wouldn’t be so hard for outsiders to understand what we love about our dogs.