We use a pinch collar, or


We use a pinch collar, or pronged collar.  They look a bit harsh, but they are realistically very practical.  They are designed to gently pinch the prongs together when a dog pulls. For heavier, higher energy breeds they are safer TRAINING TOOL than choke collars because they only tighten a small amount and the type of pressure is more accute so as to discourage pulling to begin with (they are not designed to cause pain, as the prongs are dull.)  My husband flat refused to buy one when he first saw it because he thought it looked meen.  Finally it got to the point where I couldn’t walk Kaos because he’s just too strong.  We have been working very hard on walking side by side, but I couldn’t do it if he hadn’t run off some energy first.  If he’s off leash he has excelent recall skills, it’s just on the leash that we were having issues.  My husband went and got a prong collar for me so that I could continue my training.  Now my husband is a believer!!!!  My dog is almost 19 mos old and is very good, just full of energy.  I say that the prong collar is a TRAINING TOOL because it should be used to get the attention of a high energy dog for training purposes.  I know not everybody agrees with the pronged collars, but my shoulder sockets LOVE them.  Kaos is now learning that, no matter who is walking by or what he wants to sniff, he is to stay beside me.  I pair the collar with consistant training and I look forward to the day when we can walk without the collar.