We see many “false


We see many “false pregnancies” at our clinic, but I have never personally experienced it.  Are you planning on getting your dog spayed soon?  I sure hope so!

Did your vet tell you that your dog was experiencing a false pregnancy?  How did you find out? 

When females go into heat, they do go into a period of false pregnancy.  Most owners will never know when a false pregnancy is occuring.  Then there are those dogs whose false pregnancies get out of control.  It can last for weeks with the dog producing milk and mothering soft toys like they are her pups.  When the dog is experiencing an extreme false pregnancy, she exhibits nesting instincts, mothering of inanimate objects, lactating, abdominal distension (appears to be with a litter), and she can even appear to go into labor!   

If she doesn’t show any signs such as those I mentioned above, it will go away on its own.  There is no treatment for it.  If she is leaking milk, it may be tempting to wrap her or put something over her teats, but you don’t want to do that.  Any touching of the mammary tissue will stimulate more prodcution of milk; you would be replacing the puppies! 

If she is experiencing a more extreme false pregnancy, then there is a diuretic that can be prescribed that will help to dry up the lactation.  There are also hormonal meds that can be used, but many vets do not want to go to that extreme.

The best thing that you can do is that once the false pregnancy is over…SPAY HER!  You will prevent unwanted pregnanices and reduce many future health conditions that occur with females who are still intact. 

Hope that this helps!