We play tug-a-war with our 2

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We play tug-a-war with our 2 pits lots especially when its really cold outside and its hard to get outside and exercise. But they play with us different than they play with each other.  We find it good for obedience too becaue it teaches limitations and good behavior.  At any point we can take it away from them and if we say “drop/leave it” they do immediately, but they are only allowed to take toys if it is offered to them because we have 3 young kids and we don’t want a kid swinging around a rope or toy and have one of the pitties lunge at it.  Like I said before, good obedience!!!  But each to their own, but if you do play like this make it a good learning experience for them 🙂    Our kids 3,4,7 can take a toy away from them as well no problems.  I would not tolerate a dog nipping at us!!! Your dog needs to learn manners and patience