We just bought our house in


We just bought our house in April of this year. I have a 7 year old daughter and a 7 year old pit named Dodger. They even share a bunk bed. You can not seperate the two. He follows her everywhere to make sure she is safe. Even to the bathroom when she gets up at night. My daughter loves to play with the neighbor girls. They are all around the same age and live next door. How convenient… Ya Rite! I have a privacy fence in the back yard so the neighbors can not see in. They have a German Shephard that practically tries to come through the fence at my dog. Dodger just sits there and watches him. Doesn’t bark or attack the fence or anything. Well he did pee through the cracks on the German Sheps head once. lol…. Because of my shift at work I usually walk Dodger very early in the morning. Well one day the neighbor lady was up early and saw me walking Dodger and freaked because she let her girls over to play with my daughter and I had a Pitbull and didn’t tell her. Lets just say my daughter’s only playmate is now Dodger. She also walked to every house in my neighbor hood getting signatures for a petition to either have us move or get rid of our dog. WTF! She has never seen him in the 4 months we lived here except for that morning. They even commented on how well behaved he was! (before they saw him). He doesn’t bark or cause problems. So I found a way to “stick it to the man” (woman). Since she had absolutely no grounds to stand on to ban my beloved bully from the neighborhood and our city has a 3 dog limit I decided to get two more. I rescued two pits from different shelters in the state. A big boy named Gangsta and a petite little girl named Marilyn. Our family has never been more complete. Dodger loves having more bunk mates and my daughter has more playmates than ever. I also make sure I walk all three of them durring the day now when she is outside!