We just adopted an 8 month


We just adopted an 8 month old lab/pit mix this past March! (breed websites say that means he’s a “labrabull”, haha, but I prefer just to call him a mix) It is definitely a great breed mix, in my opinion, you get the loyalty of both breeds, the athleticism of the pit, and the crazy amount of enthusiasm from the lab, ha! Our Harley definitely had a tough life before we got him, and the shelter he was at was going to put him down just because of his breed, not because he showed any signs of being dangerous/aggressive. He’s definitely had some adjustments to make, and that stubbornness will always be there I’m sure, lol, but it’s just part of his personality. We just make sure to give him equal amounts of love/play and structure/learning the rules of the house. He’s definitely become my little 60 pound shadow, if I’m in the house he’s right behind me wherever I go! We’re planning on enrolling him in an obedience/agility class to help with getting out some of his excess energy, that might be something you’d like to look into as well? 

Well, good luck with your new addition to your family! Hope what I’ve put here helps a little!