We have tried everything from


We have tried everything from a regular collar, to a choker, to a gentle leader, before finally being recommended by our trainer to use a prong collar. Our trainer advised us that although she prefers choke collars for training purposes, she uses prong collars for dogs who just will not respond to any other kind. Also, honestly IMO, the gentle leader is a waste of money for any high energy dog like a pit bull. Out of everyone I know with a pit bull, not a single one was able to use the gentle leader. Although, I am not saying it is impossible. If you do get the prong collar, make sure it is adjustable and has a clip. The ones that go over the head just don’t work for a bully’s large head (at least not mine). In order to use a prong collar properly, you must bring it all the way up to where the head and the neck meet. Otherwise they can still pull with it. Also, before we bought the prong collar, my husband put it on arm and pulled as quickly and as hard as he could. (He wanted to make sure it would not hurt our baby) According to him, it does not hurt, it is just very annoying.