We have actually just


We have actually just returned from the vet. We started his puppy shots today. As it turns out Butch is actually 5 1/2 months, instead of 4 months. Our vet believes he is definitely pit, he thinks at least 90%, and he doesn’t believe he has any boxer in him. However, the vet my mother works for thought he had boxer in him because of his snout.I know his mother was a pit, it was an accidental breeding, they were unsure of the breed of the other dog. Butch’s, vet did tell me about genetic testing, and said if I wanted to know for sure we could always do that. But we love Butch just the same, and to be honest it doesn’t matter much to me. He’s my baby, and he’s a wonderful dog either way. Butch, also passed his temperament test with flying colors. =] (Just as I knew he would.)

I am new to pit ownership, however, I do adore him, and I wouldn’t trade him for the world. The bond I share with him is absolutely beautiful, and he’s the best dog we’ve ever had. As a family, we have always owned Shepherds.

I want to do right by him, and show others that the Pit Bull stigma, is just that a stigma. It’s the irresponsible owners that give this wonderful dogs a bad name. I am enrolling him in puppy classes within the months time, and I’m currently looking at agility. Until then I am going to continue to socialize him at home, with people and our other family pets. I’ll continue to take him on car rides, and work on his obedience. He’s already learned the basics.

Now that I’ve rambled, lol thank you very much!