We have a pit-boxer mix and


We have a pit-boxer mix and were looking for a buddy for her. We saw a picture and story on Facebook about a found dog that had been left chained to a fence and people moved away. He starved so much, he lost enough weight to finally slip out of the chain and run away. At 13 months old, he weighed just 32 lbs. The people who found him nursed him to health and had him fixed. We didn’t know then, but found out he was a pit-lab mix. He now weighs 85 lbs! He is the most loving dog. He is so sweet and has gotten along with every dog he has met except one – a bull mastif that was actually scared of him! But he gets along great with Hurley, our first baby. They are actually inseparable and always lay all over each other. But if Hurley has made it clear to Duke that she is boss and he walks away when she wants or takes something.
The only problems we have are his eating and jumping. Hurley stops eating when she is full, but Duke acts like he is always starving. He eats everything, even the doors or fence outside! And he eats his food so fast. I understand it is probably because he was starved, but it hasnt gotten better and we have had him for nearly a year now.
Also, since he is so playful and hyper, its hard to teach him not to jump on new people. He gets so excited and scares many people, but he just wants to be touched. We have made great progress here, but its still difficult when we have guests.
Other than those few things we still work on, he has been a GREAT pet and friend. He loves to cuddle, he is so sweet, and is very smart. However, he is very stubborn when he doesn’t want something and it is hard for me to make him b/c he only weighs 10 lbs less than me and is so strong!