We feed both our dogs soup

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raisins mom

We feed both our dogs soup bones from the butcher shop. My shepherd can power down a whole bone and leave nuting left to find. My pibble chews on them but has never eaten the whole thing. He just loves to chew so mostly he pulls of any meant and then digs in for the marrow. I find them hidden in his crates and in the yard. He loves them and keep him busy for hours. Our shepherd’s trainer is the one who introduced us to soup bones and she has never had a problem and our vet has said it’s fine. Each night after we feed our dogs their kibble we say time for dessert. They run to the freezer and sit waiting for their bones. After we hand them their bones they run to their crates to chew away. We don’t leave them alone to chew on them esp cuz Jerry chews them to bits. Raisin like I said he hides them. I figured out when he not smileing that means he hiding someting in his mouth now. Character he is.