We also adopted a pit bull

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Deanna taratuta

We also adopted a pit bull puppy (Maxwell). He is almost 6 months old and 35 pounds. He has shown food aggression since we adopted him so we started touching his food bowl and petting him. We stopped feeding out of a food bowl because he just hogs it down. We started feeding him out of an atomic food ball that he has to play with to get the food out. We have Maxwell in a training class and the trainer has asked only me and my husband feed him and we are to stop him from eating and have him sit and claim the food ball. My husband has been feeding him and has seen progress. I fed him today and when I tried to claim to food ball he bit my foot breaking the skin. That was very frustrating and upsetting to me. We have to get this under control before he is 60 + lbs. Help!!!!