Vet tested his red paws and

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i luv my pitbull

 Vet tested his red paws and found Staff/Strep infection from  mouth germs, 3 weeks on Sulfa. We can count on Chuck & Don’s pet food outlets for advice  as they are knowledgeable and helpful.Taste of The Wild grainless is awesome. Also Septiderm spray is great for red spots/itching but he tries to lick it off. Vet says if we have food allergy testing and eliminate that allergy his system will be better able to deal with enviromental allergy issues. We must keep him off grass to avoid severe allergy reaction. He had a lump under jaw and vet said it was either a Hystocytoma (spelling?) which is allergy or a Mast Cell cancer. Luckily it went away with high doses of Benadryl and seems to have been the former problem. Don’t freak out about bumps/lumps but have it checked. Research both issues.