Vanilla will be 5 in July. My


Vanilla will be 5 in July.
My Wife works at the local shelter and I started walking Vanilla in September 2010. I finally adopted her in December 2010.

I think it’s best to walk as many different dogs as possible. If there’s one that you hit it off with, then you can persue it. Just don’t set your heart on the first pit you see or even the best looking one. The personality is what you need to be interested in and of course, introduce your current dog to it’s potential new playmate at the shelter, it’s neutral territory.

We actually just took in a second Pit named TaTa (pics soon). She gets along so well with Vanilla, it would have been a crime to leave her there. They were in the shelter at the smae time so we got to see how they interacted.

Good luck!