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AhBrieAnas Marma

Unfortunately I don’t have an answer but I do have some advice. Do NOT let your dog chew on wood. My mother use to let her pup chew on branchs, twigs, etc. until one day Shadow wasn’t eating, moving, nothing. She noticed bloody loose stool in the backyard. She rushed Shadow to the vet. After a series of questions the vet was suspecting the Shadow’s inside had been torn to piece by the wood. He under went emergency surgery. His stomach, bowels, everything had been cut into pieces. Luckily the vet was able to stitch everything back together only after thousands of dollars. He stayed on a very strict diet, because he couldn’t process food normally, until he passed due to complications. I know my mother would be glad to fill holes or buy an endless amount of spays and toys to have him back. Please don’t let your bundle of joy chew on wood.