Try getting her a “almost


Try getting her a “almost indestructable ball” You can purchase online if u don’t have a Petsmart in your area. $10.00 for a small one or $12.00 for the large, this might be an option since she rolls her water bowl around. My dog plays with it for hours. We have to place a box over it to get him to stop running around like a lunatic. We also have a tractor tire attached with a climbing rope to a tree. The extra part of the rope hangs down. I taught my dog to grab the rope and he will play with that also watching it swing back n forth. Also I freeze vanilla yogurt in a large kong when I leave him out( cool and refreshing treat or mix kibble or biscuits with peanut butter and place it in the kong for him to naw on. Your pup needs to be exercised daily with long walks. You want to wear him out n he’ll be happy and wont chew on things. Have you tried the crate n rotate method? Go to website and read up on NFL and crate n rotate. The site has great ideas. Good Luck